Thursday, December 13, 2012

John Krubski, A Practical Futurist, Thursday, December 20th, Lunchwaves in the LLC

John Krubski, author of Cracking the America Code, to speak

Mr. Krubski's book discusses Marketing, Management, Politics, Economics and more...
Excellent for American Government, Economics, Statistics, and Personal Finance classes to attend.
Teachers sign up your classes to visit.  Free period students make sure you don't miss this!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Out of the Blue to Visit Staples LLC on Friday, November 30th

Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue a cappella group will be visiting and entertaining us with their musical talent this Friday, November 30th, in the Library Learning Commons during our lunch waves.

Students, please come during your free period, or teachers, please sign up your classes to come down and visit one or both lunch waves.  They will be performing for all three.

A nice way to kick off the holiday season!

Watch the youtube below for a sneak preview!

"In the fall of 1986, eight adventurous students embarked on the journey of creating a new a cappella group at Yale. Eventually, that group would come to be known as Out of the Blue. Since our founding, OOTB has exchanged gloves and coattails for our iconic “OOT-Blue” shirts and accessories. Building upon the rich tradition of a cappella at Yale, we have evolved to become the University’s most progressive contemporary a cappella group."

Friday, November 9, 2012

Lunchertainment...Andeisha Farid...November 12th Lunch Waves

Please come join us on Monday, November 12th during the lunch waves, in the Library Learning Commons when Andeisha Farid comes to speak.  Andeisha is the Executive Director of Afghan Child Education and Caring Organization and is being sponsored byTeen Vital Voices through  Alexis Teixeira.  

Andeisha Farid received the 2010 Global Leadership Award of Vital Voices for her work with AFCECO and "her integral part in her country to rebuild and educate the next generation of leaders who will lead their nation forward."

Teachers please encourage students to come if they have 5th period free and those of you who teach during period 5 on Monday please sign up with the Library to bring your entire class to see Andeisha Farid.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Presidential Mock Debates and Mock Elections in the LLC

Student Assembly and JSA will be co-sponsoring the Mock Election 2012. In each of the last several presidential elections, students at Staples High School have had the opportunity to vote for the President of the United States in a mock election.  While these votes don’t actually get tallied by the candidates, Staples students do get to experience what voting is really like.

Voting will take place on Thursday, November 1st and Friday, November 2nd in the LMC. Students will visit the LMC during their social studies classes.  Students not enrolled in a social studies class may vote during their lunch period.  Just like real polling places, students will bring their ID’’s in order to vote and wait in line to have your name crossed off the master list before voting.

We will also feature a student focused election awareness/education activity. JSA is structuring Mock Debates among the candidates as "Lunchertainment" in the LMC on Tuesday, October 30th and Wednesday, October 31st.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wildlife in Crisis Lunchertainment...Friday, May 25...during Lunch Waves

This presentation will look at a variety of indigenous wild animals, some tips on our co-habitation with animals in their native habitat and some common issues and solutions.  Please come armed with your most frequently asked questions and concerns.

Bio of Speaker –

Amy Jenner has been a volunteer with Wildlife in Crisis for 5 years.  Passionate about the mission of WIC, and under the education of renowned wildlife rehabilitator Dara McDonough Reid (founding director of WIC), Amy conducts frequent community outreach and education programs in an effort to further the mission of the organization.

Since 1988, Wildlife in Crisis, the Wildlife Care Center,  has provided care for debilitated wildlife, in addition to its habitat preservation and environmental education programs all in an effort to improve the quality of life in our community.

Each year, WIC cares for over 5,000 injured and orphaned wild animals with the goal of rehabilitating them and releasing them back into the wild.  In addition to wildlife care, WIC volunteers answer over 15,000 phone calls regarding native wildlife.  Wildlife in Crisis is the only organization of its kind in Connecticut, licensed by the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to care for all species of native wildlife.

Please call or email to schedule your class.  Free period students please join us also!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Builders Beyond Borders...Come find out all about us!

Builders Beyond Borders has been serving the local and global communities for 20 years! High school students who participate with B3 are placed on a team with whom they perform local community service, hold team meetings and activities, and travel with during one of the February, March or April breaks. While one of the main goals of B3 is service, students in the program often come away with leadership skills and build confidence. Find out more in the Library Learning Commons during lunch waves on Thursday, May 24th at SHS!

As part of B3’s mission to “build a better world”, B3 also hopes to build a bigger world by expanding the horizons of volunteers and the communities they serve. By working hand in hand and side by side with host communities, volunteers become compassionate and capable global citizens, and the communities served realize that they are not alone in their struggles. Each year, B3 contributes over 20,000 hours of service in benefit of communities in need, both near and far. Learn how you can join B3 on May 24th at SHS!

-          Do you want to participate in a life-changing program, make new friends and travel abroad? Join B3 today!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Please join us for
3rd Annual Poetry Slam and Jazz Celebration
Friday, April 27th

Open Mic for you to read and share poetry all day
Jazz Band ensembles to perform all day
Come prepared with a poem to read and share.
Share a poem you have written or a poem you love.
Come with your class or during your free period.

Enjoy Jack Powers, resident published Poet of the day, who joins us from Joel Barlow High School.  Powers was the 2005 CCTE Connecticut Poet of the Year and the 2008 NEATE Poet of the Year. We look forward to Jack spending the day with us. 

Enjoy Alex Levin, resident Jazz pianist of the day, who joins us from New York City.  Alex has shared his musical talents with us and the SHS Jazz Band for two years to high acclaim.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Kakenya Ntaiya from Kenya, who was betrothed at age 5, is coming to the Library Learning Commons this Thursday, April 26 during the lunch waves. Kakenya’s unforgettable story began when she begged her father not to marry so she could attend school and avoid the traditional path of Maasai women. She paid the personal price of circumcision for the privilege of education and completed her doctorate in the United States while building the first school for rural girls in Kenya.

Staples Teen Vital Voices has sponsored her trip to SHS. The club continues to fundraise for Kakenya’s school and has established friendships with the girls in Kenya.

Kakenya has accomplished much, yet she continues to dream. Bring your classes on Thursday to meet this accomplished visionary and listen to her remarkable story.

For more information about Kakenya and her dream:

If you are bringing your class please email Robin Stiles or Julia Roberts. Let us know which lunchwave and how many students, please.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Israeli Soldiers Speak Out Lunchertainment on Friday, March 23, during lunch waves in the Library

Please join us for the ISSO program on March 23rd, 2012 in the Library Learning Commons during the three lunch waves.  Teachers...please email if you'd like to attend with your classes.  Students...please attend if you are free during lunch waves.

ISSO (Israeli Soldiers Speak Out) is an innovative program featuring a diverse group of reserve duty Israeli college students. Their mission is to educate, inform, and delve into conversation about the Israeli-Arab conflict by putting a human face to the IDF uniform. Participants in ISSO have had combat experience either in Gaza or Lebanon, and are all members of the StandWithUs IsraelFellowship for student leaders at the six major Israeli universities.
The soldiers are prepared to discuss the moral issues involved in fighting in an urban area, where civilians are callously put at risk by terrorist organizations bent on maximizing casualties. Expert StandWithUs staff have mentored and trained them to handle the tough questions. Each soldier is prepared with their own unique personal story designed to show the human face of the IDF, highlight its moral code, and delve into the dilemmas of the Middle East conflict.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Lunchertainment Friday, February 10th, in the LLC

On February 10th, during all three lunch waves, the Gender Equality Club will host a Lunchertainment event that will focus on domestic violence in early adulthood.  The event will consist of poetry, videos, art, speeches, and personal memoirs, all presented by Staples students and faculty.

Come join us to listen about this important issue.